The Evangelism Ministry cooperates with the overall TOL discipleship to live a lifestyle as witnesses of Christ.  And through serving and the expansion of the gospel —internationally or locally; we will discover God's calling and gifts.

Global Mission 

  • Bible Faith Mission (BFM) , School Ministry, India
  • Bible Faith Mission(BFM), Dalits Ministry, India

King of Kings Ministry 

King of Kings—India ministry based in Pune, India is a church planting ministry. According to KOK report in the second half year of 2019 there were 21 new house churches planted in four (4) regions of our field work.  And over sixty five (65) new believers accepted Christ and were baptized by our Pastors.  We have introduced nine (9) new church planters to the ministry in new locations, apart from those already assigned.  KOK—India would like to have our leaders trained in family/marital counseling. This is one of the areas that have increasing needs. We feel that it is important that our leaders are being ministered to and have understanding of biblical counseling that can minister to others.

Tree of Life Church in Fremont, CA hosted Pastoral retreats and family camps in the past few years.  The KOK pastors and family members enjoyed the seminars and found it very helpful.  We would like to continue in partnership with TOL church to bring discipleship at home because we have seen tremendous change in the families and pastors’ personal life.

Far East Broadcasting Co


Missionary : Pastor Ping Chiang/Minority Equipping Center

In the past year, Pastor Ping learned one of the biggest lessons, which is "fixing his eyes upon Jesus". In the past, he had a paid career, but now he is a missionary. Without salaries, all expenses depend on the dedication of brothers and sisters. Pastor Ping often wants to do something to "attract" brothers and sisters to give. But once God reminded Pastor Ping: “Come and look onto me!”  So in prayer, he interceded for all the children and co-workers and their needs. Praise God for His faithfulness.  In the end of the year, Pastor Ping had the opportunity to preach at three churches and shared the minority ministry in Myanmar.  As a result, the love offering was received much higher than Pastor Ping’s expectations. The offering was to the Lisu orphans, and some dedicated to the Lisu Co-workers.  Praise God!

Local Mission

In the overall discipleship of the TOL church, the Evangelism Ministry will make missional plans, organize local activities, and coordinate with the cell groups; so that our brothers and sisters are able to discover their burden, the gifts of the Holy Spirit or the calling of God. Through serving in a ministerial team we are in discipleship of growing in the full knowledge of Christ. 

Same Culture 

  • Career enhancement workshop
  • @Cloud   Marketplace Ministry   

Cross Culture:  

  • VITA, & Compassion Network Community service and connect to cell groups
  • Operation Dawn Rehab Center
  • Wellness of Life Workshop


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